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What We’re Reading on the Web

May 12, 2016

What We're Reading

As usual, we’ve read the Internet cover-to-cover and rounded up some of the most interesting reads out there for your perusal. Enjoy!

It’s said that everything is bigger in Texas, and if you have personally questioned that conventional wisdom, then take a look at this article about a Texas school district’s $63 million stadium. It might just sway your opinion. PS: Yes, that’s correct – $63 million.

Book report time! Architectural Digest has some highlights from Annabelle Selldorf’s Selldorf Architects’ Portfolio and Projects.

From Fast CoDesign, the World’s Most Iconic Libraries, Reduced To Their Essential Forms.

Ikea’s new collaboration with Ingegerd Råman is nothing short of affordable, cool perfection.

Happy reading, y’all!