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What We’re Reading on the Web

October 2, 2014

What We're Reading

As usual, we’ve read the Internet cover-to-cover and rounded up some of the most interesting reads out there for your perusal. Enjoy!

The second in a two-part series about the design and construction of 1 World Trade Center, this FastCoDesign post is an incredible look at the woman behind the building. The project’s technical director, she’s billed as the “most famous architect you’re never heard of.”

Check out these amazing modular prefab structures dreamed up by students for camping around California’s parks.

Speaking of prefab, you won’t believe that these stunning, 2300-square foot homes in the hills of Sonoma, California took only four months to complete.

Frank Gehry’s bold design for the Foundation Louis Vuitton is profiled in this Architectural Digest piece. Described as an “avant-garde update of the Jolly Roger” the museum created to “reflect LVMH’s rich engagement with the arts across a variety of creative fields” is stunning, unique, and surprisingly practical.

And finally, y’all know we love some weekend eye candy. CNN rounded up some of the most spectacular entries in this year’s World Architecture Festival for our judgement enjoyment. More than 50 countries will be represented across the event’s 27 categories.

Happy Fall!