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University of Mississippi Medical Center Master Plan

In 2009, The University of Mississippi Medical Center selected CDFL and Eley Guild Hardy Architects (EGH) to develop a new 50-year master plan for the campus. CDFL + EGH formed a joint venture with Boston architecture firm Sasaki Associates, Inc. and Atlanta based medical planning consultants Kurt Salmon Associates to advance UMMC as a premier academic health science center.

The joint venture addressed and defined the physical, programmatic, social and educational objectives of the Medical Center and assessed its growth expectations with special consideration for research, education, clinical healthcare and infrastructure support. The CDFL + EGH team prepared a development strategy designed to integrate the various research, educational and clinical healthcare elements of the campus into a seamless fabric over the next 50 years. The UMMC 2010 Master Plan defines specific goals and milestones increase infrastructure efficiency, embrace Mississippians’ healthcare needs, provide a next-generation teaching environment, and improve the overall quality of experience for patients, doctors and hospital staff.

+ is a dynamic team working together

robertRob Farr, Principal in Charge
jesseJesse Browning, Electrical Engineer
ronald-fenderRon Fender, Electrical Engineer
Designer and Project Manager
“This (master plan) is an active, dynamic and living document. It is vested in the knowledge and the intellect of Medical Center leadership. As leadership changes or as knowledge grows, the governance model will allow the plan to change smoothly and competently.”

– Rob Farr II, AIA, CDFL President

Master Plan 10-Year Projections