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First Presbyterian Church

Commissioned by First Presbyterian Church of Jackson, CDFL was tasked with developing a master plan that would accommodate the church’s growth. The church was expanding rapidly and the physical plant was unable to contain its growth without realignment. CDFL led First Presbyterian’s planning effort, successfully setting up expectations and plans for the church’s anticipated growth. The plan included an expansion of the school as well as a building strategy that would more fully carry out the church’s missions.

Most recently CDFL was commissioned to provide long range planning services. Our team worked with church and school staff to review the existing strategic plans to verify current programs, services, and ministries as well as identify new programs, services, and ministries. One of the primary components of this facility planning process was the physical plant assessment.

With a CDFL produced digital model of the physical plant and plans field verified we then moved into inventorying spaces and identifying those spaces’ size and use. Further studies were performed to assess space allocation for each of First Presbyterian’s major programs, the Day School and Christian Education. With the space audits, assessments, and studies complete, the scope of work shifted to identifying additional space needs, developing benchmark comparisons for future growth, evaluating space needs guidelines, and projecting new and existing space requirements. The final component of this work will assist the church in identifying their facility use priorities based on projected needs.

+ is a dynamic team working together

gene-cragerGene Crager, Principal in Charge
jackie-smithersJackie Smithers, Architectural Modeling Support

CDFL provided design services for the following in conjunction with the master plan:

– Westminster Hall

– Expansion of the central office for church services and classroom renovations

– Renovation of the original fellowship hall

– Creation of the play garden

– Service center and shop to support the entire complex

Long Range Planning Process

CDFL has developed a method of best practices used to help clients in need of long range planning accomplish their organization’s goals.