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Project Update: Aviation Museum

March 13, 2019

In the northwest corner of the Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum sit three crop duster airplanes and an exhibit that surrounds them. This area is officially the National Agriculture Aviation Museum, though previously, there was no designation to make visitors aware of the exhibit. CDFL developed a plan for the renovation of the space that would enhance the overall look of the museum and improve the visitor experience.

First, the space was updated to provide a fresher backdrop for the airplanes and to set the space apart from the rest of the museum. Second, create physical gateways and signage to signal to visitors that they are entering a new space. Lastly, create a platform to provide accessible viewing of the cockpits of the largest of the three planes.

Phase 1 (now complete) accomplished the first two objectives. The hand-painted field scene was replaced with angular photo murals – one of a cloudy blue sky and one an aerial of a cotton field. Gateways were constructed of corrugated metal to mimic the architecture of rural hangars and to provide a place for signage to be mounted. The existing carpet was replaced with a modular carpet that resembles the coloring of agricultural fields, fading from green to tan. 

The museum and foundation are currently working on funds for the accessible platform and the redesign of the exhibit.

Video courtesy of Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce