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Office Update

July 10, 2018

Tracy Hall Celebrates 25 Years with CDFL

Our office coordinator, who keeps CDFL running on a daily basis, recently celebrated 25 years with CDFL! There are not enough words to thank Tracy for her many years of service to CDFL, but we wanted to try anyway.

Tracy’s dedication to CDFL and everyone who works here shows every single day without fail.  Her understanding of our business and willingness to help others are essential to the success of our company.  We all appreciate Tracy’s hard work and kind spirit, and we count ourselves as lucky to have her as a member of our team! – Ron Fender, Principal

Tracy is the sunshine of the office. The amount of effort she puts in to taking care of the office’s needs (professional and personal) is incomparable to the amount of credit she would ever accept. CDFL is lucky to have such a kind and dedicated person as the backbone of the company. – Ashton Polk, Administration

Since I started at CDFL in 2001, it has always been clear that Tracy is the glue that holds this firm together. Whether it’s catching mistakes in our work, dealing with an office issue, or just generally caring about the well-being of everyone on staff, Tracy goes above and beyond to keep this train moving in a positive direction. – Chris Myers, Principal

Tracy has been such a positive force in helping me to acclimate to CDFL. Anytime I asked she  went above and beyond to assist in anyway possible. I consider her a good friend and feel CDFL is extremely fortunate to have her passion for excellence and her caring way she performs each task put before her. Congrats Tracy on 25 years – the first half of your tenure here 😉 – Chuck Stringer, Business Manager

Tracy is amazing! She always takes time for everyone. If you need help finding something, Tracy helps look. If you need help remembering something, Tracy can remember. If you just need someone to talk to, Tracy will listen. Thanks for always being there for us! – Amanda Taylor, Marketing

25 years is a true commitment and an outstanding example of how one member can change the destiny of so many with commitment, talent, compassion, leadership, joy and creativity. Tracy connects, supports, and guides us all. Thank you for being a friend colleague and a servant leader! – Rob Farr, Principal

Tracy, thank you for all that you do!

CDFL Welcomes New Members of the Family

The CDFL family is proud to announce our newest members. Interior Designer Katie Jo Chane and husband Ron Chane welcomed their son Seve in June and Mechanical Designer Keith Bradshaw and wife Carla welcomed their son Rhett in April. Congratulations!


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