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Highland Village Project Update

January 29, 2015

CDFL is proud to have been involved in the revitalization of one of the stalwarts of Jackson commerce, Highland Village. Our efforts there are a true testament to the power of plus as we provided mechanical, electrical, architectural, landscape, and interior design services. From designer Greg Narlock, here’s a quick look at what we’ve done thus far:

Coordinated with developer and tenant for the new Red Square space
Removed central stair to open vision onto the shopping center’s retail core
Created connection to parking on west side of center
Removed second floor of building to create 2-story space for Lululemon
Coordinated relocation and design of Turkoyz space with developer and tenant
Coordinated and planned new office space relocation for J-R Restaurant offices
Developed new design for courtyard space Phase I and master plan of central courtyard space
Developed design for refurbishing building B, which includes newly added tenant Kate Spade
Currently adding a stair to the east side of building B
Currently refining the central courtyard space

Future updates will include an updated layout for the main portion of the center courtyard. That update will feature new paving, pavers, elevator, fountains, plantings, railings, exterior lighting and paint on the buildings surrounding the center courtyard.


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