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Branding Through Design

April 15, 2015


This blog post was written by interior designer Katie Jo Chane, IIDA.

Tailoring interiors for individual clients is an integral part of the design process. Whether a client has an established brand, or is looking to enhance their image through a new space, we can assist in bringing these ideas and ideals to life in the form of a physical home for the company.

From the beginning, we listen very closely to the client and interview everyone from executives to administrative support. By digging in deep, we can paint a full picture of the client’s every day experience within that space, and we are able to ensure that their needs are incorporated into the final product. It is very satisfying to provide a well designed and highly functioning space for our clients, whether they’re a college athlete; a doctor; or a corporate employee.

As we listen to our clients’ needs, a theme or “vibe” starts to emerge. We hear mission statements, how they want their own clients to experience the space, views of their current experience in the space, and finally, what they hope their future experience will be like in that space. We gather clues from these conversations that help us to incorporate their current brand, or the brand they aspire to be, into their space.

Incorporating the brand can be accomplished subtly through the use of certain colors and materials in a finish palette or more boldly through custom wall graphics. Carrying a consistent design aesthetic throughout every detail is what makes the space sing and the brand shine. Signage, large design features, lighting, furniture, break room design – even restroom fixtures – are some ways to provide a specific feel in the space.

Our mission is help our clients create a space the exemplifies their brand and is illustrative of their organization’s culture. Most importantly, we want to provide them with a space that helps them do what they do to the best of their ability, while making each day more enjoyable for them and their own clients or fans.